A recent study conducted by the USC School of Cinematic Arts indicates that a student’s prowess as a filmmaker can be determined by the color of his or her flannel shirt.”¨”¨

The findings come after months of peer reviewed testing on a random sampling of cinema students. To little surprise, green flannel nabbed the lead spot with yellow ultimately taking up the rear.ӬӬ

“Ha!” an unnamed green shirt was overheard exclaiming after the results were released Wednesday.”¨”¨

Sources close to the school say that in the wake of the findings, students have begun treating one another in a critical, hierarchical fashion.ӬӬ

“Many are drawing comparisons between current behavior and India’s caste system,” said a school adviser who requested anonymity, “but I think it’s more akin to ‘Lord of the Flies.'”

“¨”¨”The 1963 version, not 1990,” she added.”¨”¨

Casey Fremont, a sophomore blue shirt studying production, said, “I kind of like the system. It really puts kids in their place. My last 290 was really, really good, so I’m going shopping for my reds after class.”

“¨”¨Fellow blue shirt Jon Enstein added, “Casey’s a total bitch.”

One source close to the dean said students without any flannel in their wardrobe can expect notice of removal from the program within the week.ӬӬ

Members of the faculty have declined several requests for interviews. However, cinematography professor Earl Hartley was seen leaving the SCA building wearing a yellow flannel shirt. His recent feature “Unstoppable” was met with mixed reviews.