Want to find out which study location best fits your
personality? Take the quiz!

1. How much time are you willing to devote to getting to
your study location?

a) 10-15 minutes, plus extra for saying “hi” to my friends who
I see.
b) 15-20 minutes.
c) 5-10 minutes.
d) All the time necessary to get to a secluded spot.
e) 0 minutes. I’m not going anywhere.

2. While you’re studying, which of the following is most

a) No one you know is there to talk to.
b) A disproportionate amount of white people.
c) Having actual work to do.
d) Sunlight.
e) Having to relocate to use extraneous equipment, i.e.

3. Studying with friends is:

a) Necessary!
b) Acceptable, as long as I can pick the location.
c) People study?
d) Intolerable.
e) Fine if they can fit in small spaces.

4. Getting a “B” on a test/paper is:

a) Super shitty! But luckily I have my friends to console
b) Indicative of the fact that I did not study hard enough.
I will and must do better next time.
c) People get B’s?
d) The start of a mental breakdown.
e) A big adjustment .

5. What is your major?

a) Psychology
b) East Asian Studies
c) Marketing
d) Chemistry
e) Undecided

If you got mostly (a)’s”¦

Olin Library: Above

You’re a social studier, meaning that you would like to go
to the library in order to be seen/distracted from all the work you have. The
best places for your studying are Whispers, and Floors 1-3.

If you got mostly (b)’s”¦

East Asian Library

The East Asian Library is the perfect location for you
because you are either: 1) Asian, 2) the kind of person who gets disturbed by
coughing while working, or 3) enamored of stained glass.

If you got mostly (c)’s”¦

The B-School Library

You’re probably a B-school student, which means you probably
don’t have much work to do. You are obligated to listen to all your pre-med friends
complain about chem, bio, orgo, and the MCAT, in that order, and are not
allowed to make a single peep in return. All your comrades can be found in the
B-school library.

If you got mostly (d)’s”¦

Olin Library: Below

You know that studying is a solitary activity that can best
be accomplished in a silent and dark environment. Your friends often complain
that they haven’t seen you in a few days and wonder where you are. The best
places to get some serious shit done are the subterranean floors A and B of the
Olin Library.

If you got mostly (e)’s”¦

Your Dorm Room

The library? That’s so far! Why would you go there to study
when the perfect place to get your work done also happens to be the place in
which you live? See, no effort. Your dorm room has thankfully not yet been
associated with the pain and the horror of having to choose to complete your
work instead of watching Gossip Girl.
Or maybe you don’t even make that choice; your T.V. is just too tempting.