On Friday afternoon, a love struck
frat social chair Connor Stokley ’14 confronted dreamy fraternity brother Steve
Sanchez ’14 and asked if he would like to bro out with him on Saturday
night. “I know this cute, little
bar by the Commons that we can go to,” said the oblivious Stokley. “They’ve got the hottest,
easiest biddies there! We can really fuck shit up! I think we’re ready to
make this relationship brofficial” added the burly polo-wearing sophomore. Sanchez,
taken aback by his brother’s candidness and unrequited love, had this to say, “Look
Connor, you’re a great guy and all, and you’ve got some above-average game and
a very impressive tolerance for alcohol and pepper spray”¦but I think we should
just be friends.” When asked for his reaction on the intra-fraternity bromance, frat president Preson Sterling ’13 said, “I can’t say I was surprised. Connor
was really into it that time when he and Steve were forced to kiss during

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