Students will be anticipating police brutality
breaking up parties this upcoming week in anticipation for
Lehigh/Lafayette.  Police have
warned students that any outdoor parties will be broken up immediately and
citations will be warranted.  Well,
fuck that.  It will be a shame if
the power-struggling police force of Bethlehem ruin a week of tradition that
dates back 147 years.


 Doesn’t it seem
like the police have been more awful this semester than ever?  Between the October Drug Raids of 2011
(remember that hysteria?) to the excess of physical force used on a student by
the police witnessed in September, the Bethlehem and Lehigh police have not
found friends among the student community.   Has a morning cocktail survived past 10 am this
year?  Has a party lasted longer
than midnight without police interruption?


It’s bad enough that the LUPD have been stricter, but are
the Segways necessary?  I mean
really – nothing says, “I’m a complete tool” quite like chasing down students on
a Segway.  I kid you not; I’ve
witnessed a fleet of three policemen on Segways rolling down East 5th
Street, looking to break up parties off campus. The next thing you know, the
police will start breaking up our parties on horses.  Oh wait, that already happened”¦


And what about safety off campus? We go to school in the
middle of South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 
The e-mail alerts we get from LUPD on a regular basis roughly start off
with, “14 year old male holds Lehigh student at knife-point”.  Breaking up a college party >
creating a safe off-campus atmosphere”¦yeah, the police definitely have their
priorities in check.  


To the Bethlehem and Lehigh Police, stay away from my
morning cocktails, tailgates and parties. 
It’s bad enough that you ruined a semester’s worth of mocos (which I
live for”¦seriously, what is better than dressing up in a tutu while doing a keg
stand at 9 am?), but please stay away from my precious Lehigh/Laf Week.