Several students in Columbus, OH
are enraged today, as they find out they spent 1,600 dollars on a Spring Break
trip, but have absolutely no recollection of any of it.

As pictures on Facebook surface,
revealing groups of students in bathing suits and on unfamiliar white sand
beaches, they realize that they have not just woken up from their previous
nights sleep.

Senior Jamie Walkner was one of
those people. She began to be tagged in pictures around three days ago. After
waking up back in her sorority house, she was very confused as to how she got
there, and why there were pictures of her in a miniscule bikini floating around
on Facebook.

” A couple of months ago I begged
my parents for 1,600 dollars. I told them I had to go to Mexico for spring
break, and that if I didn’t, my social life would be over.” She Said. ” I
vaguely remember getting on a plane, but I was so hung over from St. Patty’s
day that I thought it was a dream. Then I wake up, and see myself tagged in 139
photos in an album labeled, “Acapulcoholics.” Not only that, but I’m six shades
darker than went I went to bed, and I have a beer belly again.”

Walkner wasn’t the only one to
experience this. Multiple other students are complaining that after spending so
much money on spring break, they should at least have one memory from it

” I’ll be talking to my lawyers,”
said senior Drew Manson. ” I’m not just going to sit here and do nothing while
1,600 dollars goes to some resort in Mexico, and I am left with nothing more
than some serious sun poisoning.”

Multiple students claim to be
infuriated, but some even went as far as calling the embassy in Mexico to
demand a full refund. However, it seems that there are two sides to the
story.  Local Acapulco natives were
first hand witnesses to these kids being in Mexico, and seemingly having a very
enjoyable time.

Manuel Pedro Ramirez, a man who
owns a coconut stand right outside a popular resort in Acapulco, says that
there were dozens of kids smiling and having a good time.

” I saw them with coronas and they
were dancing like wild monkeys.” He Said, ” If they don’t remember, then they
have one too many tequilas.”

Further investigations are
currently underway, examining credit card statements and brain cell count.