The new campus fire starter, Cutting Corners: A Complete College Handbook For Getting A’s The Easy Way, is now available for free download on the Amazon Kindle this week.  The funny and controversial how-to guide is celebrating its climb to the top of the Amazon charts, where it hit #1 on the Top College Guides list yesterday.  “We wanted to say thank you to all of the students that have rallied behind this book so far,” author Justin Rich told exclusively today.  “We’re thinking of it as a back-to-school gift.”


You can download Cutting Corners for free via Amazon (and read it on any Kindle, smartphone, or PC/Mac device) by clicking right here –


The book, which Rich described as, “everything professors and college administrations don’t want you to know, written in an easy-to-read and, hopefully, fun manner,” features entire chapters on topics like how to write papers on books you haven’t read, how to study without losing focus, and how to decompress right before a test.  “It gets a little blunt at times,” says Rich of the profanity-laden book, which was rejected by multiple retailers before its eventual success online, “but I guarantee you’ll have a good time reading it, and you’ll improve your grades at the same time.”

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