Well if you live off campus you should all know about the Census of 2010, one of the most annoying series of letters that government ever conceived. I, like many others, ignored these annoying letters. Although the pile of “Hey we noticed you still haven’t filled out your census” notes kept piling up.

But then, I was watching the Gonzaga ass-kicking of “10, when I saw the catchy govnernment commercial with tons of young, hip people telling me to fill out the census because “we can’t keep moving forward without you.” Which I think is the same motto they used in Jonestown before the Kool-Aid was dispersed.

The reason I filled out the census was that I discovered it’s actually a legal requirement”¦.. Apparently they will send a census representative to annoy you like a Jehovah’s witness if you don’t take the five minutes to fill it out.

Think about it. A GOVERNMENT-SACTIONED Jehovah’s Witness. The only thing worse would be if, after dealing with the census, he tried to “talk to me about Jesus.” To be fair, I have nothing against religion, but don’t knock on my door telling me you know the right religion for me. The Nazis did that.
But I digress.

Fill it out. There are some entertaining tidbits in there. For instance, did you know that Hispanic backgrounds aren’t races? It’s true. At least according to the U.S. Government. The races are Japanese, Chinese, Samoan, Thai, Vietnamese and any other Asian country you can think of. Now I’m not an anthropologist but how the hell are countries of origins now races? Oh and I’m sorry only Asian countries.

If you are going to piecemeal White/African American/ Hispanic into those categories I think you can put Asian Descent down without causing much more controversy. Besides, you’re already offending every White African Hispanic on the planet. Actually, I only know one: Alfred DeShantea Lopez. I guess Tiger Woods’s kids count too. At least the ones we know of.

Quite frankly, if you really don’t care about any of this, you could check off some random boxes. Interesting bit of information: my roommate is now my unmarried partner with Lao descent, and, yes, he sometimes lives in a seasonal home.