Motivation, both basic and extrinsic, is a crucial aspect in the success of learners at all phases of their education, by making use of the essays for sale platform teachers can assume a fundamental role in offering motivation to their students. Of course that’s much easier said than done, since different students derive motivation from different aspects and sources, but the most important one should be the personal drive that sees a student push themselves to succeed and excel in their school and social life.
Though it may not apply in a good number of students, giving them a sense of control and responsibility is very important because through this they can relate with what is right for them. This approach though should only be applied when a student has shown some positive character as others are bound to abuse such a privilege.

Simple Ideas To Improve Student Motivation [campusbasement EZ]

Team work and a rewarding system is one proven way of motivating students. This approach brings about positive competition and pushes each learner to be the best without infringing on the rights of their fellow students. Such a system should be applied within an environment where there is peace and everybody gets along well for maximum outcomes.
As a teacher, one should harness all the strengths of each student and use it perfectly to develop their character and build their self-esteem. This is only possible if the teach takes a keen interest in their students’ affairs and understand them to the point that they are more of colleagues but with certain boundaries existing showing each individual’s role. Such a balance is always very hard to strike but with a desire and commitment from both the teacher and student it definitely works out. Students should develop a personal desire and learn to respect authority to achieve and win the confidence of those they are seeking help and assistance from.