For those of you taking full advantage of Olin library being open 24-hours (aka living under a rock), this is an alert: it’s pumpkin season. And I mean besides the whole Halloween, jack o’ lantern thing. It’s time to seriously chow down on some pumpkin-flavored goods. This is a crucial and fleeting time of year when everyone who knows what’s good for them packs in the pumpkin like they might not see another orange squash in eleven months. Which we won’t.

Fortunately for WashU, Bon Apetit is well aware of pumpkin season and rolls out appropriately flavored lattes and gooey butter cake just long enough for us to get a headstart with packing on the pre-hibernation pounds. But are you are a true pumpkinhead? Consider these questions to determine your level of your pumpkin devotion:

Would you be willing to eat Ted Drewe’s in 40 degree-weather just because you know they are now offering pumpkin pie as a mix-in for a custard shake?

Do you subscribe to email alerts from The Cup so that you know when the pumpkin cupcake is available?

Would you sacrifice study time during midterms to go to Chill every night while the Pumpkin Spice flavor is in stock? (And to check-in on Foursquare so you defend your mayorship…I mean my mayorship. Go ahead, try and oust me).

Do you refuse to eat any post-hangover food besides the pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes at Boosters?

Are you afflicted with pumpkin ADD in your b-school classes? Unable to focus because you are afraid that Einstein’s will run out of pumpkin bagels and cream cheese while you are in class making Bass models?

How many phones calls do you make to your mother for the sole purpose of asking her to send another loaf of pumpkin bread?

Is your primary form of procrastination seeking out the pumpkin dessert photos on

If your answer to these questions is “duh,”  “of course,“ “double duh,” “obviously,” “can I get a perscription for that?” “I don’t feel comfortable admitting that number,” and “yes,” then congrats on being a dedicated pumpkin-eater (just like Peter, the guy who had a wife and couldn’t keep her).

Everybody needs to get on their A-game because pumpkin season has already started! (Kind of like how the housing search started before you even got to school). Before we know it, Whispers will be swapping out our favorite pumpkin lattes for those god-awful peppermint ones. And we hate those.

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