The music community’s reaction Sean “Jay-Z” Carter’s presidential candidacy has been mostly non-existent, but it seems that now artists are starting to realize the legitimacy of the campaign, many of them finally broadcasting their feelings about the rap star and business moguls campaign.

Among them was fellow hip-hop great Nasir “Nas” Jones”. Carter and Jones had one of the best-publicized feuds of the early 2000s, but this has since been resolved and the two have collaborated in recent years.

“I’m out for presidents to represent me,” Nas said. “I’m out for dead presidents to represent me.”

Jones did not elaborate on the meaning of this statement and followed it up with nothing, but most political analysts believe that this is a vote of confidence from Jones and should ultimately benefit Carter.

One of the strongest affirmations Carter received was from the recently voting aged Justin Bieber. While it has been the teen star’s style to get involved with politics, Bieber was a strong proponate of Carter and his quest for the Oval Office.

“My world is your world, and my fight is your fight,” Bieber said.

It is unclear if Bieber was speaking entirely figuratively or not, but there has been speculation that Carter would be adding a new position at the cabinet, and Bieber may be throwing his name into the hat.

Though these are only two of the many artists to come out and support the executive’s decision to run for President, their voices are loud and wide reaching. One of the silent artists, to this point anyhow, is Dwayne “Lil’ Wayne” Carter. When contacted for a comment, Lil’ Wayne’s label mate and frequent collaborator Aubrey “Drake” Graham replied.

“YOLO,” Graham said.

Carter was humbled by what appeared to be overwhelming support for his decision, and released a statement demonstrating as such.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Carter said. “You’re far too kind.”