In the spirit of March Madness, UB fan and Buffalo native Clyde McHale stands as one of UB’s most die hard fans, despite not having a high school education or any real affiliation with the University.  He claims to be a lifetime fan of UB, especially basketball all of his life.  “My kids grew up watching UB stars like Turner Battle play, and I even wanted to name our third son after Yassin Idbihi.  But that was before that kniving bitch took everything and left me for that damn Maid of the Mist tour guide…”

Clyde, after accidentally hitting a hawk with his car late Thursday night, saw it as an omen, a sacrifice made to the gods of basketball in honor of coach Reggie Witherspoon and his team. While explaining his “Hawk wing” idea, McHale appeared proud of his accidental killing of the bird of prey, confident that the bird was sent as an omen.  “By eating the bird, in the traditional “Chicken Wing Form” that Buffalo is famous for,” McHale explains, “The Bulls will encounter an epiphany in terms of offensive and defensive strategy, and will then be catapulted into collegiate basketball greatness.”  When asked if this was the first time he has prepared road kill on the eve of a big game, and for a road game nonetheless, Clyde replied; I managed to make a Zip-On-Weck a couple years back. It cost me fifteen hundred bucks, but we made the NIT, so obviously it was well worth it.”