Where are we going? How big is it going to be? What’s the ratio of guys to girls? These are the typical questions you would expect, after inviting friends on a typical evening out. Despite these questions, students still resort to walking around campus looking for the loudest house parties, or a familiar face telling them that it’s okay to join the party. That was all before Fiestafrog.com set out to change the way students answer the question; “What’s going on tonight?”

Essentially, as a nightlife search engine, Fiestafrog.com helps users easily find house parties, bar special, and concerts going on in their area. You can also use Fiesta Frog to find, share, and talk to one another during events. If you want to know everything that’s happening around you, in real-time, you need to be on this website. Fiesta Frog finds everything related to nightlife, and puts it at your disposal. You can literally choose an event, and then head there to enjoy yourself. You can even talk to people at the party when you are there or when you are pregaming.