FC Barca fans are nuts! People love futbol in Europe more than
anything, but after last night it is safe to say that Steelers fans are
the worst. Last night in Barcelona the Super Bowl aired at 12:30 in the
morning and lasted til around 4:30 in the morning. Although it was
bullshit because the commercials weren’t remotely funny – damn you
international marketing! The halftime show was still on though (mixed
feelings about that

At around 3am the bars in Barcelona usually close (some at 2) and
everyone migrates to the clubs which never close, but last night when
one of the most popular American Pubs tried to have last call their was
insanity. It was bad enough that the bar had karaoke Sundays at the
beginning of the game and people from Denmark were singing every song
from the Grease soundtrack, but when the lights went on and cowbells
started ringing Terrible Towels went flying at the bartenders.

started revolting against management who tried to enforce not selling
alcohol and after 20 minutes the bar gave up and stayed open. To the
Steeler’s fans dismay though they lost because karma is a bitch and rape
is not cool. Lesson learned Barcelona – Americans really love their

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