Oh hello!

first of all, happy holidays and happy end
of the semester! woooo!!! Let me just tell you, as soon as I finished my MAX 123 awful
final paper and i realized i was done with the semester, I looked like this:

for real. the dance and everythingggg


So as a gift (because boxing day is on its way) I’m
literally over dosing you with music.I mean like 5 mixtapes and a shitload of music that should keep you busy for the next 4 lonsesome uneventful weeks

First up, Kap slap, A mashup group a alot like super mash (for those of you who have some sober recolection of Juice Jam) in that instead of mashing only two songs like our friends from The White Panda do, they mash about 4 or 5 songs into one. What makes them different (and better) than Super Mash is that they dont have music ADD and switch from song to song within a 10 second realm. It really honestly sucks when a song I like comes on a track by super mash and then like 5 seconds later its on a different song. Not cool Mash, not cool.

So yeah super! their mix tape entitled 151 is coming your way

Coldplay, one of my ultimate favorite bands since like 5th grade, came out with a live free album on their website last year called Leftrightleftrightleft. Because coldplay is winter music and it has been snowing, Ive been indulging in this album for the past two weeks. If you haven’t heard it, and you’re in a mood thats like its snowy and nice out, i want to listen to some easy stuff such as oasis (LINK) or this interesting album Sheldon gave me, check out The Hardest Part/ Postcards from far away. It makes me want to sit next to a fire in front of a giant window with a Christmas tree next to me a drink hot chocolate. but thats just me. Plus, nothing is more awesome on this album than listening to the crowd scream when Viva La Vida starts (with a full orchestra by the way). Chills UP AND DOWN my spine.

p.s. Death and all of his friends is – fuck it. The whole fucking album is good. in fact, its great. I fucking love Coldplay live.

This guy over here Luke O’brien, is a free style rapper from Loyola in Maryland who I personally have been obsessed with since he dropped I Love Knowledge, a parody of Asher Roth’s I Love College. Hes been fronting the band A Cool Stick, providing pretty chill music that is a very different (and in my opinion much more appealing) approach to rap. O’brien focuses more on using similies and metaphors to get his point across rather than the normal straight forward “fuck bitches get money” approach. His newest mixtape The Dopeness brings together his lyrics with the rest of his band and a few trumpets thrown in here and then. Overall this is one of my favorite mixtapes (of all time… kanye joke? no?) and I really cant wait to see more come out of this kid because everything he says blows me away. (p.s. Im giving you BOTH mix tapes! Hehehehe :D) Check out I Love Knowledge here:

This is featured on The Dopeness and its been cleaned up so dont judge them solely on that performance.

So my friend Reid is another character that likes to send me music every now and then. He threw this song at me called Lights! (Potomac Boys Club remix) by who other than the Potomac Boys Club. This song features Ellie Goulding (this bitch is getting everywhere!), Waka and Wale. Beautiful team right there. As soon as I heard it I knew it sounded fimiliar being I heard it at a frat last weekend, but I digress. Overall this is a pretty good song and I definitely would like to hear more coming out of these guys because this song made a great first impression on me. check it out:

So remember my friend Tyler from last week who gave me that sick mashup of Starry Eyed and Jackson 5? Well hes back again after sending me a goldmine of mashups (which I know you guys all loved from pre thanksgiving) that are all free to download (hence why Im not putting them in the zip this week… too many) So, enjoy these:

Wham bam,

Thank you ma’am

Okay so if theres one thing I love about Christmas, its music. And im not talking about your generic jingle bells, im talking about your high class, Im sipping Champagne in a penthouse over looking central Park after ice skating at Rockerfeller Center, fuck yeah christmas Frank Sintara music. Yeah. That awesome. Yesterday I was watching Elf on USA and one of my favorite Frank songs came on So I thought Id add it to your Fancy christmas party playlist. Yes!

Another part of Christmas that I think everyone loves, is Charlie freakin’ Brown. The Vince Guarldi Trio back when they were all alive, did a remake of A Charlie Brown Christmas. If you are in fact a horrible person and are not familiar with this
album, its essentially a jazz combo playing all of our favorite Christmas hits, plus a few originals  like the somewhat creepy but always lovable Christmastime is here, Linus and Lucy “” that piano track that you
may not recognize by name, but certainly recognize as soon as you hear
it, Christmas is coming, one of the more upbeat
tunes i think its tough not to love it. This album was released on CD via Starbucks, who by the way, has their shit on LOCK when it comes to Christmas. I cant get through a winter season with out listening to it because it clearly defines christmas. Add this album to your Fancy Shmancy Christmas playlist because The VGT wins. So hard.

Heck yeah!

Next up, is another Coldplay song just released like 2 weeks ago that Ive been trying to figure out how to get for free. I gave up, caved in and bought the song. Well done, Coldplay. Anyway, this song is good enough that It was worth buying. Take a listen.

The video its self is some pretty cool shit and I was really impressed, not gonna lie.

Last but CERTAINLY not least I bring you a song I recently discovered, athough it has been out for practically a year now. OneRepublic’s song Marching On was featured in a youtube video I stumbled upon that a Harry Potter fan made. Let me just tell you, the song fit perfectly with the video and I immediately downloaded it because of how good it is.This song got me through the last 500 words of that dreaded awful MAX 123 paper.  The video not only shows the badassery of Harry Potter and his friends but explains the moral values that JK Rowling portrays in the book. Love conquers all.

Heres the Harry Potter video, but I gave you the actual song.

Dont tell me you didnt get the chills or start crying, or both, or click replay, or all 3. Because then, you would be lying.

Okay so Im out for the next couple of weeks but check back every once in a while to see whether or not I do a surprise post because by this time next week Ill probably want to kill myself out of sheer bordem.

The zip had to be broken up into two files because it was too big (that is what youre seeing below).

Happy Holidays

Stay Safe

Stay Happy

Stay Classy

Stay Bitchin.