After the major disappointment by Nas’s no-show at the One World concert, most students left, cursing the Hip Hop legend from Queensbridge. Most.

Meet Jeffrey Turs, a junior attending Syracuse University who claims to be Nas’s biggest fan and firmly believes that the rapper will appear at the Carrier Dome. “This isn’t the first time this has happened,” Turs says. “One time I was at Madison Square Garden and he didn’t show up, but about a year and six months later he popped up, with an entire new album to perform! Good things come to those who wait.”

Turs has stationed himself in the Carrier Dome, and is not expected to leave until Nas has performed. Dome security officers have attempted to eject the junior, but gave up after the sixth lecture on “why Nas is the greatest hip hop artist of all time” from Turs. “He just kept talking about something being illmatic and then rapping every line,” said security officer Mitch Jones.

Turs has also single-handedly managed damage control for Nas on all forms of social media. This meant down-voting all anti-Nas posts on Reddit, reporting complaints on Facebook as spam, and replying to a massive amount of tweets. “@brnxwerkitmike, u dunt understand nas, if u were a tru fan u’d be waiting here with me for him, smh,” is just one of the tweets from Turs account posted in the last hour. Turs’ account “Number1NasFanforLyfe,” showed several anxious tweets all through the night waiting for Nas, including, “will the dalai lama shut the fuck up so nas can get on?” and “who the fuck are these little kids? OH MAYBE THEYRE SINGING THE CHORUS FOR ‘I CAN’! #comeonnas”