For all of you readers out there, we at CuseMyCampus are
calling this Syracuse Skip Class Week. Instead of waking up at 8:00 to go to
your bullshit statistics class, here are some things you could be doing instead:


  1. Not
    waking up to go to your
    bullshit stats class
    . Take some time to rest. Mid terms are
    right around the corner. Do you really want to be sleep-deprived now, only
    to be more sleep-deprived in a week or two? Or, to rephrase, wouldn’t you
    rather be sleep-deprived because of a massive hangover rather than because
    of some dude with an accent rambling about standard deviations? We thought


  1. Catching
    up on TV.
    There’s nothing better than
    a few lazy days spent watching all the TV episodes you missed during the
    week. Even if you already saw them, watch them again. Better to watch
    Snooki be an ass twice than to go to chem lab once.


  1.  Absolutely nothing. It’s just like Office
    . Just because you’re not rich
    doesn’t mean you can’t sit on your ass and do nothing. It’s college.
    You’ll get your degree. Sure, you’ll have to get pretty good at PhotoShop
    to make that diploma look real, but if you skip enough class then you’ll
    have that kind of time.


  1. Learning
    to Play the Guitar
    . Everyone in
    college attempts this at some point. You might as well join the rest of
    the crowd.


  1. Studying
    for CFS 388
    . Not literally studying,
    but figuratively studying. For those unaware, this class is Human
    Sexuality. Take the time to practice your sexuality. You won’t regret it.
    Unless you come down with something”¦


  1. Checking
    Probably the best thing
    of all. It’s funny. It’s clever. It’s”¦um”¦funny and clever? Just do it!