Im cured!

alright. So Guess whats supposed to drop on November 22nd?

Psht yeah like THAT wouldnt get leaked 2 weeks before….

If you havent guess it already, its Kanyes new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. And rightly fucking so, its twisted dark and fucking amazing. To be quite honest, my favorite album is and always will be Graduation. Legit every song on that album is a hit. but this is not about that album (if you want it, and you dont already have it, you have been living under a rock. or under the stairs at 4 privet drive. So yeah let me know in the comments or some shit… or just email me idk… whuteva).
So basically MBDTF (no fucking way am i writing that out multiple times) takes Kanyes music to a whole new level. Every song on the album,aside from POWER, which is his most popular song off it right now besides Runaway (Let’s have a toast to the douchebags? alright Kanye, here’s to you.) is pretty slow but theres a lot jam packed into each song, some of which range from 2 minutes to almost 10. I guess Kanye has a lot to say that he couldnt pack into his VMA speech infront of Tswift (zing!). My favorite song already was Power but If i had to chose right now itd probably be Never See Me Again. Yes, the one thats 9 minutes and 10 seconds long. I have a very soft spot in my heart for any song that uses any type of orchestral string instrument to enhance their music. Big shout out to Kanye for that.
Mr. Yeezy also brings in literally everyone from the hip hop and r&b world and even Mr. Justin Beiber. Sure some of you must be like…. you got to be fucking kidding me Kanye, did you reach a new rock bottom? Negative comrade. Beiber does have a good voice, give him that. Like come on. Something I did find interesting though, Kudi’s Erase me is on the album….. whut? I was a little confused by this because honestly, I cant tell who’s song it is. To be honest, im giving it to Cudi being he fronts 75% of the song while kanye has a verse. But the only thing that bothers me is that on MBDTF, in the artist area kanye claims it as his. Really Yeezy? Let Cudi have his moment. You seem to be really good at taking the spotlight away from others (zing!)

Oh and for shits and gigz, if you havent seen this one yet, Yeezy took over a Delta flight and spit a little bit…

Lol Mr. West, Lol.

Okay enough of my malarkey.
Here it is.

oh bonus! Ive had this for like 2 years and rediscovered it. You would think itd be terrible but its actually really good. wrap your head around this one: Yeezy vs. Dido. Mind blowing right?
Yeah, same.

I think Ive embarrassed myself enough for today….
…I mean I guess not.