The Washington Post released an article today explaining its strategy to make sure there is the least amount of SU fans at the Syracuse Georgetown game this saturday. They will not put tickets on public sale, and pushed season ticket holders to buy more tickets for this game, trying to sell it out. 

When Georgetown came up with this devious plan, it pointed and laughed at SU and the proceeded to stick its tongue out.
Yet, SU fans are far more clever than those of Georgetown, finding as many loopholes as possible.  For example, SU alum and die hard Orange fan, Mike Rogers resorted to purchasing half season tickets from the Hoyas. “I was this close to just making a donation and paying $25 for the tickets, but then I would have become part of the Hoya Hoop Club. If that happened, I think I would have actually vomited.”
A representative from the Georgetown Athletics department commented saying “We’re totally not scared of Syracuse, I mean we beat them before, but to be honest, orange is gross.”
Syracuse has resorted to other means of getting tickets including hiring VPA students to start drawing tickets, and the iSchool to hacking in to Georgetown’s main data bases to find the tickets. 
When Otto was asked to comment on Georgetown’s fear of SU over-supporting their team, he put his hands over his eyes and shook his head, which also happened to be his body. 
We feel your pain to Otto, we feel it too.