“We called the pledges up at 2 am and told them to meet us at the house; we were going for a ride around campus. We drove them around in a van drinking for a few hours, and then dropped half of them off in Thorden, and the other half off over at the West side. We told them: the group to find home last would have to do our laundry for a week.”

“We bought seven, 3.5-lb bags of Skittles and dropped them on the floor. We told the pledges they had 1 hour to sort them by color. One hour later, and they failed. It took them 3 tries, though I’m pretty sure they started eating them.”

“We lined up all the girls from the sorority in bikinis outside the frat house. Then we took out a sharpie and circled the imperfections on their bodies in front of the fraternity.”

“I and my brothers made a bunch of smoothies with ex-lax. We gave the smoothies to the pledges. They drank them, and ran to our bathrooms. We then pulled out some toothbrushes, and said, “Clean!” as we grinned ear to ear.”

“I had to drink an entire bottle of ranch dressing and horseradish”

“I ate someones asshole”

I wanna hear what other people have heard / had to do .. post it in the comments