1. Skip A Week of Class ““ You’re a
    senior now. Why not? It’s not like you won’t graduate. Unless you actually
    don’t graduate, but let’s be honest: if missing a week of class affects
    your graduation, you probably weren’t in the best academic standing to
    begin with. In which case, what’s another week going to hurt?


  1. Take a Spring Break Trip ““ You
    know how, every year, you and your friends have the
    “You-know-what-we-should-do” conversation? Well this is the year to do it.
    Because if you don’t, you’ll never have the chance to do it again. Go to
    Jamaica or someplace warm and spend a week drinking enough to forget that,
    in a mere few weeks, your life is going to end.


  1. Spend All of Your Money ““ Whether
    or not you’re going to have a job immediately after you graduate, one
    thing is certain: you’re not going to have more fun. Ever. And you
    definitely won’t be able to drink for as little money as you can here. So
    go out, hit up the bars on Marshall, the bars downtown, make road trips
    just to go to other bars, eat out, and just enjoy yourself.


  1. Do Beer Tour at Faegan’s/Chuck’s
    Burger Monday Every Week
    ““ Kind of similar to number three, but you
    should be enjoying the cheap establishments before you move someplace else
    where the bars have beer that costs $9 per sip. Burger Monday at Chuck’s
    is pretty sweet, Beer Tour has beer, so what more could you want.


  1. MAYFEST! ““ You’re 21. The cops
    can’t do shit to you. And sure, the Mayfest they had last year on Walnut
    was decent, but it wasn’t Mayfest. Mayfest is on Euclid. So open your
    house. If you don’t live on Euclid, tell your friends who do to open their
    houses. Or, just start a block party on your street. Might I suggest
    calling these Side-Street Block Parties, “AckerMania,” “Lancaster
    Disaster,” “Sumner Time (And the Living’s Easy),” or whatever is
    appropriate for your street. Make it happen!