What was once a war-time propaganda poster in England during WWII, has now become a method of greek recruitment on Mizzou’s campus. “Keep Calm and Carry On”, in its original form, was made for the poor, sleepless citizens of London who encountered night after night of German bombings in 1941. Now it has become a popular play-on-words for the fashion conscious and fans of ironic t-shirts. 

None more so than Pepto Bismol. Today the company announced that due to their extensive college research, they have decided to use “Keep Calm and Carry On” as their new slogan. 
The company sent representatives to Mizzou for ideas on how to better the company. Their previous slogan, “White Knuckling Is For Losers”, was believed to cause the company’s recent decline in profits. 
“I didn’t mind the last slogan. But then again, I haven’t eaten Baja or Sabai in 3 months,” sophomore Broden Glover said. “Therefore, my colon’s been relatively at ease.” 
The company has taken solace in the lack of a copyright or trademark attached to the slogan.
“The English propaganda machine wasn’t quick enough to slap some legal nonsense on the slogan, so we see it as fair game,” Pepto Bismol junior executive Kari Glückwunch said. “Besides, we didn’t think our other idea was nearly as good. ‘Pink Shit for Your Shit’ wasn’t as catchy.”