Four years after its establishment on the Marist campus,
Diversity WORKS, the diversity magazine under the Marist College Affirmative
Action Advisory Committee, is almost finished with its first ever article,
titled, “The Other Guys: What It’s Like to Be Different.”


The magazine consists of five members, an Asian, an African
American, a Native American, a white guy who isn’t Italian and another white
guy who isn’t from Long Island, which, the magazine assures me, constitutes


Susan Wu, editor in chief of Diversity WORKS, says that she
and her staff are thrilled with the progress of the publication and are
“extremely anxious to see an article published.” Wu says, “We spent the first
few years waiting for some students to come to Marist who weren’t white. After
the first two years, we decided to expand our search to include white students
who weren’t Italian, white students who weren’t Irish, and then finally, anyone
who wasn’t from Long Island,” adding, “It took a lot longer than expected.”


“The Other Guys” is expected to be released in early 2011,
pending some market research. “We need to make sure that someone is actually
going to read this thing,” said Senior Staff Writer Alison Jones, adding,
“Which means we’re going to need to wait until some more diverse students
enroll at Marist, just so we can gather an audience. Maybe after the Black
Student Union adds another member besides me.”


So we may be waiting a little bit longer for that article.