With the closing of the education department at Cornell due to lack of
funding and a surge of retirees Cornell is now creating the department
of the redundancy department in the ILR School thanks to money acquired
after the education department was removed.

Education professors are not upset with the new school. They are
actually somewhat happy. They don’t think it is negative, or positive.
They think it will be helpful to new students and won’t be much
different from a school of education at a university. They’re both
pretty redundant.

The department is set to get the wheels in motion next year after the
word gets out about it and students apply here and more people know
about it and can apply to it. The professors for the new department
will be both education professors who know what is required to teach in
a field like redundancy and ILR professors who also understand the
basics behind such principles of the repetitive.

The head of “The DRD” though (which it will be nicknamed and known as
for short) is going to be professor who used to be an online professor
who gained his prestige through classes he taught on the internet.

Professor John Thamos Junior II is world renowned and will receive a
warm welcoming next semester went he comes to Cornell for the first

Students can pre-enroll early before regular enrollment periods for some select DRD classes, but not all of them.

Cornell administrators are excited about the new department here at
Cornell and hope that for those who once considered majoring in
education will consider majoring in redundancy.

That’s the end of the article. There’s nothing else for me to write.
Look for an article about The DRD though in the next edition of The
Cornell Daily Sun.