You are officially looking at the coolest website on the interwebs.

So, you might be wondering what happened to CuseMyCampus and BigRedMyCampus?

Well here’s the low-down:

  • First of all, we wanted all that awesome stuff at Syracuse shared with the awesome-ness of Cornell. We’re all content whores.. so here’s more content!
  • The cost of hosting a bunch of websites was getting to be too expensive. We make diddly shit, so this will allow us an extra can of mac n cheese for dinner.

We don’t want to go generic.

Just because we are putting all of the colleges on one site, doesn’t mean we want to lose the niche interest. The focus is and always will be on the local pages.

So, to those of you wondering: Are you trying to become the next “The Onion” or “College Humor?”


  • College Humor is awesome, but it isn’t a college niche anymore. Just like Facebook moved past college students, so did CH. They place the focus on the main page, but we are focusing on local pages and making them awesome.
  • The Onion is a great inspiration, and we love the “fake-news” bit. However, the news will always be targeted to your own school.

What to do:

  1. Bookmark your college page on the site
  2. Or, sign up. (In the future) the site will remember the school you’re signed up for, and automatically redirect to that page.

New Stuff

  1. Everything is broken up into categories! Find the stuff you want to read about.
  2. There will a “Headline Feed” from all other bloggers within your school relating to category. For example, the sports category at Syracuse will feature the latest headlines from the DO Sports blog,, and SUathletics. (future release – probably by next week).
  3. The “Local Widget” – the local widget is on the main page of every colleges site. Here you can see the best local articles of the week from all the schools.
  4. The main page will just be a conglomerate of all the news for a specific category. So, you wanna just read college sports? Head to sports on the main page.
  5. Bugs! Yes, there will be plenty of bugs and other errors on the site. We’ll try to get most of them resolved ASAP. Email us at to let us know if you spot a grave eeerrore.
  6. Hacking! I think I figured out how to stop it. So”¦ that’s good.
  7. We are implementing a real awesome way to search. More details on that in the future, but it will be a helluva lot more useful to you guys for searching pretty much everything college related.

That’s about it. Hope you guys and gals enjoy the new site. We tried to make it look pretty much the same as the last (to avoid confusion). Let us know your comments below.