In all of the bizarre news I have heard in my entire life, this one has to be the weirdest of them all. On Friday night, a Cornell student claims to have been hit by the Hot Truck on Stewart Avenue as it was driving. What is mysterious is that no one has ever seen the truck move and this may actually be Cornell history. Is the student lying or was he a part of some of the craziest history at Cornell?

Austin Waters, a freshman in the ILR school, claims that he was riding his bike late Friday night, when all of a sudden, the Hot Truck, which was driving in front of him, hit the breaks hard and he crashed into it. Waters said it all remains spotty and only left with a minor concussion and destroyed bicycle. “I left a kegger in Collegetown and was riding home when all of this happened.”

In their own defense, the Hot Truck called these allegations bogus because the truck hasn’t moved in years, not even for routine maintenance. “This is what happens when you mix drinking and biking,” said Tim Robbins, the owner of the Hot Truck said. “Austin was drunk and trying to be Lance Armstrong and just drove right into the back of our truck, knocking all of the supplies inside down.”

While there are still more details to be reported, Waters has hired an attorney and says he has video evidence of the situation. How he filmed this all, remains unknown. If the Hot Truck was actually moving, also remains unknown. When all the details come out, the Cornell community will find out whether Austin was a part of Cornell history, or instead just really drunk and crashed his bike into the Hot Truck.