In a surprising move by Lehigh University, Dayglow was
allowed to be held at Stabler Arena on Saturday, where kids from Lehigh, and
borderline humans from 
Lafayette and Moravian came to roll face or puke
their brains out while listening to house music.

As expected, over 40 students were sent to the hospital for
drug or alcohol related incidents on the night of Dayglow (24 of them being
Lehigh students”¦champs). What’s
even more anticipated now is the police report that will be submitted to the
Brown and White, where the names and citations will be announced.

If Lehigh was really concerned about drugs at this school,
why would they host Dayglow? I mean to begin with, Dayglow is notorious for its
drug use, which is why everyone wants to go. You think its really because they
soberly want paint thrown in their eyes? Yeah fuckin right. Also, security at
Dayglow was a joke- it took more effort to wake up on Sunday afternoon with
that pounding headache than it did for students to walk into Stabler with drugs.

Chief Shupp has yet to address the happenings of that night
because he is too busy planning the next big Drug Raid (will there or will
there not be drug dogs?) and making sure 527 Hillside is condemned for the rest
of eternity (gone but not forgotten). Safe to say that this is the first and
last time Dayglow will ever be held at Lehigh.

Campus Basement was quoted in Channel 69 News. Check out 1:54!


It is common for students to experiment with drugs and alcohol in college. Some of these experiments, however, have led to substance abuse on the part of the students, who will eventually need to turn to alcohol and drug rehab programs for much-needed help.