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Article by halfmanhalfamazing
December 9, 2011

Posting Your Article: The Emotional Turmoil of a Campus Basement Writer

Writers for Campus Basement are kind of similar to that Vietnamese prostitute I met while backpacking in Southeast Asia”¦we are constantly getting pissed on. “Are you honestly going to continue using my wall as advertising space?” asks my Grandma. “Yes Grammy, I am. And you know what else, I think your crocheting is overrated”¦yeah, I... MORE »

Article by Shermysherm11
October 27, 2011

The Adventures of a Male GDI

Mizzou has always been known for having an immense Greek town. It’s almost a separate island in this small little town of Columbia, MO. Men in Greek life have it easy, drinking in their house, a firm set of bros, women wearing virtually no clothing coming to them and a shoo in for at least... MORE »

Article by apost
December 11, 2010

Mann Library Rivals Walmart

Similarly to Walmart on Black Friday, Mann Library opens at 10 AM on a Saturday morning during finals week and a line is out the door to rent laptops, chargers and get Take Notes and I think someone was trampled….you know you’re at Cornell during finals week when. Thanks to our local photographer Steph Friedman MORE »