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Article by Ian Arnold
January 26, 2012

Student Wins iPod Shuffle, Instead Given First-Generation Zune

Mizzou basketball games have their own mixture of a family culture, fan pride and intense competition. None more so than at halftime, where there are a plethora of fan-participation competitions.  This year, a new game was introduced. A blind race””Truman collects the contestants’ shoes, the players face the student section, and Truman scatters shoes around... MORE »

Article by Rud
September 25, 2011

iSchool Bought out by Apple; Offers Classes for 99 Cents

Things are not quite what they used to be in Hinds Hall, home of Syracuse University’s iSchool. Apple inc., under new leadership, has decided to extend their brand and buy out anything and everything that bares a name similar to their products. The iSchool was not left behind. Apple states that they intend to keep... MORE »

Article by apost
September 9, 2011

New Online Blackboard: Worse Than Chalk

Coming back to Cornell every August and signing into your Blackboard account used to be a simple task. But, this year, for some reason unbeknown to the student body, blackboard has changed. GASP! I logged in and there was a warning. IN CASE YOU’RE TOO STUPID TO HAVE NOTICED THE MAJOR CHANGES, WARNING THERE ARE... MORE »

Article by apost
January 31, 2011

Technologically Retarded and Why Professors Are Hypocrites

Don’t you hate it when professors tell you to turn off your cell phones when you’re in class or keep them on silent? Clearly having my phone constantly in my hand during your class is the only thing keeping me from falling asleep. What would you prefer? But, what I hate more than that is... MORE »

Article by Matt
December 8, 2010

Rise of Bluetooth Technology Increases Percentage of People Who Look Batshit Crazy

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA “” Researchers at Stanford University have discovered that the rise of bluetooth technology has increased the percentage of people who look batshit crazy. Once reserved for the ranks of the unstable street urchins and roaming sociopaths, now even well to-do businessmen and corporate executives yell expletives and wave their hands to seemingly... MORE »