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March 20, 2012

Campus Basement Sexy Stock Photo March Madness

March Madness is typically a time equated with college basketball, gambling, binge drinking, and complaining to your Facebook friends about how your bracket is totally ruined because some no-name school beat the Lakers. But we at Campus Basement also equate March Madness with sex. Hot, steamy, sex. And since nobody will give us permission to... MORE »

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December 12, 2011

Drunk Girl Kisses Skunk

boobs and a skunk. amazing. MORE »

Article by loganor
November 29, 2011

Smells Around Columbia!

Oftentimes, smells are the strongest way to bring back memories. The smell of Axe body spray always reminds me of my first boyfriend, who would lather that stuff on like he was being paid for product placement. The delicate aroma of brisket, present in any respectable New York Deli, forever reminds me of my Grandma’s... MORE »

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November 21, 2011

Two college girls kissing for the first time

I went on a cruise a few years back and convinced some girls to make out with each other. They thought this was for a photo but I was recording the whole thing. Couldn’t get them to do more than peck each other but it’s still fun to watch. MORE »

Article by doodlebug
November 15, 2011

In Defense of No Pants

            Lately there has been a lot of negative sentiment revolving around MY clothing choices. Ok, so it’s not, like, just my clothing choices, but sometimes it feels that way. I see you smirking when I’m in line for my latte in Whispers. I see you pointing and whispering when I’m... MORE »

Article by abstewart
October 28, 2011

A Letter to the Girl Who Should’ve Reconsidered the Playboy Bunny Costume

Dear Bountiful Beauties,             Something has come to my attention in recent Halloweens. Female costumes, obviously, have decreased in skin coverage and increased in whoriness for a number of years now. And I’m ok with that. As the old Mean Girls adage goes, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
October 24, 2011

Open Letter: It’s time guys wear sexy Halloween costumes too

Dudes and gentlemen:   As I’m sure you’re aware, Halloween is this weekend. As I’m sure you’re also aware, this means many women ““ just like yourselves, but they’re women ““ are readying a mind-boggling variety of tiny half-costumes as we speak.   These ladies embrace the Sexoween slutparade and display their legs and the... MORE »