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Picture by Alex Rosenthal
December 7, 2011

Worst Autocorrect Fail EVER!!! LOL

Autocorrect can lead to the silliest misunderstandings sometimes! MORE »

Article by apost
January 31, 2011

Technologically Retarded and Why Professors Are Hypocrites

Don’t you hate it when professors tell you to turn off your cell phones when you’re in class or keep them on silent? Clearly having my phone constantly in my hand during your class is the only thing keeping me from falling asleep. What would you prefer? But, what I hate more than that is... MORE »

Picture by dang
December 5, 2010

Blackberry Keyboard Vs. Inebriation

Blackberries and alcohol never really mixed that well. MORE »

Article by Anonymous
November 28, 2010

Professor Laurence Thomas Always Stirring Controversy

Photo Credit: Daily Orange, Joey Baker Professor Laurence Thomas is known at Syracuse for his crazy antics, constant swearing, and his black/Jewish heritage. Oh, and he also teaches Philosophy. A lot of you should remember that hullabaloo that occurred when Professor Thomas attacked Nancy Cantor’s diversity policies through his personal website. This time, Professor Thomas... MORE »

Article by Ian Smith
September 14, 2010

Study Shows Students Pretending to Take Notes on Laptops “Totally Fool Professors”

A study conducted last week concluded that every single student using a laptop computer during Syracuse University lectures were not taking notes, but rather, were constantly refreshing their Facebook pages for notifications, updating their fantasy football team or checking TextsFromLastNight.com for messages pertinent to their social lives and to their sexual habits. The study also... MORE »