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Article by Lia Woodward
November 6, 2011

Week in Review: The proof is in the News

Your second-best source for the past week’s Daily Trojan headlines. Cell phone security a concern as personal info storage increases My phone and I get along pretty well when we’re together, but when I’m not around and my cell gets a little tipsy, well I’m not sure how much I can trust it.  USC reports... MORE »

Article by Evan O
June 27, 2011

True Story About My Experience At the PSU Library

So… I go to the psu library to try to find this infamous book my high school teacher wrote. I go up and down these tiny stair cases and walk down these rows of books feeling like im in the movie “the shining” not to mention those cielings are way too low for tall people.... MORE »

Article by Leigh
December 14, 2010

You Know You Go to Cornell When…

You see this picture and think “I’d like to have sex there”.  #1 on the list of 161 things to do before you graduate Cornell is sex in the stacks, and as a student I can’t say I’m anymore immune to this than the rest of you.. show me a dark creepy hallway that looks... MORE »

Article by apost
December 13, 2010

Finals Drives Student Directy Through Glass Door

Never before has Olin Library, or Cornell for that matter seen anything like this before! Finals week comes with its fair share of crazy, but this shit is just silly….I thought the Orgo final already happened? Nonetheless, this is a real image and the made-up story goes as follows: Once upon a time there was... MORE »

Article by apost
December 11, 2010

Mann Library Rivals Walmart

Similarly to Walmart on Black Friday, Mann Library opens at 10 AM on a Saturday morning during finals week and a line is out the door to rent laptops, chargers and get Take Notes and I think someone was trampled….you know you’re at Cornell during finals week when. Thanks to our local photographer Steph Friedman MORE »