When I think about what a wonderful place WashU is, my heart warms immensely.
That being said, there are a couple things that I don’t quite understand, and I often ask myself, “WHO SAID YES TO THAT?”

-Only leaving room for three booths in the Whispers floor plan.
-Spicy pistachio nuts instead of goldfish as Whispers snackbites.
-No sandwiches in the DUC.
-Getting rid of Hilltop.
-Allowing people to burn popcorn in Whispers.
-Checkered tables in Whispers, we don’t play those games over here, go back to Ursas you kiddos.
-Only selling granny smith apples (so bitter! fuji apples please).
-Three random landlines in Whispers .
-The Nickelodeon theme in Mallinckrodt.
-Palm trees in Whispers. This ain’t Florida, they need sunlight.
-Science requirements.
-Changing WILD to Fridays (cuts the fun in half).
-Having to sign a receipt for a campus card purchase at the bookstore.
-Charging for peanut butter in Whispers.
-WashU not being a state school.
-Ibby’s charging $19 for a piece of trout (it is delish, but no snapper).
-Having to walk with your food down the smallest hallway in the DUC to get to the main dining area, and always bumping into the cooks.
-The campus card dollar being stronger than the US dollar (no tax baby!).

Shout out to Marietta and Ambler.
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