Moving to the Village can sound great in theory. But after a while, you really start to notice that even though you are now an upperclassmen, you’ve just been seriously downgraded. Here are the top five things you can look forward to missing once you move off the Forty.

  1. No brunch. Well, at least not in the go-hard-or-go-home approach that brunch is at the Bear’s Den. You may not be able to eat three day’s worth of food in one sitting at Village brunch, but you also don’t have B&D security monitoring you at the bagel station and checking your wristbands. It’s a catch-22.
  2. The Village is where all the awful Haagen-Dazs flavor rejects get sent. Seriously where is the Caramel Cone? I’m pretty sure Paws & Go gets dibs on all the best kinds. This has caused me a lot of strife, especially when the froyo machine is broken, which is another disappointing thing that happens at the Village.
  3. If you ever wanted to catch the Circ, just don’t. Because it will never, ever, ever be on time. Each day you will think to yourself, “maybe this time it will actually come. I better give it another shot.” You are being delusional, don’t kid yourself.
  4. No one cleans your dorm for you anymore. “Apartment-style living” is code for weekly toilet paper deliveries and nothing else. Basically it’s the University’s way of transitioning you to the real world where no one comes around twice a week to take out your trash, clean your bathroom, and vacuum your floors. The real world can be so cruel.
  5. Getting to the South Forty gym is now a workout in and of itself. If you haven’t learned to navigate the labyrinth that is the AC by the time you move to the North Side, you probably never will. And the walk to the Estrogym is so long it basically counts as your daily cardio anyways. So, while you don’t have the opportunity to binge weekly at brunch, you also never go to the gym because convenience was the only motivating factor when you were living on the Forty. Everything evens out and you will have that freshman 15 for life.