Have you ever been so bored at a bar mitzvah that you threw
a ton of condiments and food and crap into a glass and dared someone to drink
it? Have you ever thought about driving a shopping cart into a bush headfirst
just for the hell of it? Have you ever elephant walked with a bunch of dudes
through the quad in broad daylight just because you absolutely HAD to be a
Delta brother?


If so, Virgin Unite wants your stunts on video. Do Whatever
It Takes (www.dowhateverittakes.org)
is a campaign that encourages participants to “do whatever” to create
opportunities for homeless youth to have the bigger futures they deserve.


Each stunt will have a monetary donation goal set by the
person volunteering, so when their donation goal is met, they will deliver
their stunt. Campaign participants can either offer a stunt or give a donation
toward someone else’s stunt.


Campus Basement has some seriously insane readers
(especially the ones who comment angrily before even reading the
headline) so if you’re interested in doing whatever it takes to help end youth
homelessness, click here for
more info


Good luck!


P.S. Please don’t die, hurt anyone, or break any laws. The
stunts probably would be a little bit more awesome, but lawsuits aren’t.