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Article by Leah Folta
February 18, 2012

Bike Traffic Safety: Written For and By (Insane) Bikers

Without laws our society would crumble like so many cookies. Our campus bike traffic is abnormally apocalyptic and Highlander-y, so we here at Campus Basement want to say: good job! That’s how you do it ““ mow down pedestrians/each other, take no prisoners but take the heads for trophies. For those who need help remembering... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
January 22, 2012

Week in Review: I Want Newsual Healing

Your second-best source for the past week’s Daily Trojan headlines USC Quidditch team will face UCLA on January 29 : A longstanding rivalry that holds a certain magic for some. And an amount of politely hiding embarrassment for their families Daylong Bike Summit included new draft of bike safety recommendations : Suggestions about noticing stop... MORE »

Article by Piliour
November 27, 2011 1 Comment

Syracuse police ‘Too Busy’ giving parking tickets to bother with Fine allegations

Mere weeks after Penn State became a nationwide spectacle, another scandal emerged in the world of college athletics, this time involving the Syracuse Orange and their basketball team’s assistant coach Bernie Fine. According to reports, allegations were brought to the Syracuse Police Department as early as 2002 accusing Mr. Fine of molesting two former ball... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
November 8, 2011

New safety mascot Kurt SC maimed in terrible biking accident

“That was fast,” recent safety mascot hire Kurt SC mumbles from his hospital bed. He picks forlornly at the sheets. “My campaign had been going for, what, two weeks?” Kurt woke up from a five day coma this afternoon, and he says his short run as campus preventative safety darling is over. He briefly considered... MORE »

Picture by Piliour
October 27, 2011

A Letter from DPS on Halloween Safety

Happy Halloween everybody! Now nobody do anything that could ever be construed as a belief or opinion! (Photo by Brian W) MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
October 26, 2011

Beloved carving-pumpkins-while-drunk college tradition is dangerous, experts say

Halloween has always been like the opening ceremony for the holiday season. The weather’s a little crisper, the half-dozen campus trees that change leaves have done so, and nerds battle unfailingly to find the most hilarious, obscure costume they can. One October essential, sadly, is facing criticism. “The Health Center has seen a rise in... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
October 3, 2011

Sidewalk-bikers to USC: “the street is lava!!”

Daily life holds scores of minor frustrations that you, as a mature college-pseudo-adult, handle with patience and grace. If you’re me, all of those minor frustrations are people who ride bicycles through sidewalks. Also, patience is as likely as those bikers are to make it to class without hitting a pedestrian (UNlikely! Ha!).   This... MORE »

Picture by Sheldon J
September 15, 2010

How do you try to stay safe on campus?

Annonymous postings in the Bathroom in Haven MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
September 12, 2010

5001st Juice Jam Attendee Causes Extremely Dangerous Safety Hazard

Hundreds of SU students were reportedly sent to the University Hospital today as a result of injuries sustained due to overcrowding at Syracuse’s annual Juice Jam music festival. The outdoor concert, which featured Lupe Fiasco as its headlining act, sold out to its 5,000 person capacity this year for the first time in the event’s... MORE »