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Article by Kevin Slack
December 17, 2010

DPS Announces Hiring of Kevin McAllister, Age 8, as South Campus Security Consultant

In the wake of numerous South Campus apartment break-ins over Thanksgiving break and in recent weeks, the Syracuse Department of Public Safety announced in a press conference Thursday the hiring of child prodigy Kevin McAllister as a private security consultant. Mr. McAllister’s primary task will be to beef up anti-burglary measures in South Campus apartment... MORE »

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December 12, 2010

Week in Review: A Very Miley Christmas

This week’s “Week in Review” is dedicated to TMZ and all of the other media outlets that deliver the “real” news on a regular basis.   She’s Just Being High”¦ly Miley Cyrus’ new music video features the teen sensation with her same candy-coated shtick – except this time the singer allegedly takes a hit of... MORE »

Article by Syracuse Staff
December 8, 2010

Some Snow Pictures Syracuse December Storm 2010

First off we have the sleek and sexy South Campus car shots! Next up, we have the “bus-stop-turned-mario-mushroom” shot. Next up, is the Newhouse III benches… And finally, the wonderful Euclid sidewalk. Which will probably never be shoveled, cause us students are just goddamn lazy. Enjoy the crazy ass weather! A couple of things we... MORE »

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December 5, 2010

Alcohol Whipped Cream and More | Week In Review Dec 5

We are back to deliver you the greatest news of the week. And by greatest, we mean whatever people were sharing on Facebook. Facebook Profile Picture Thing On Facebook this week, millions of users changed their profile pictures to their favorite cartoon characters from their childhoods. There are mixed opinions on what the original intention... MORE »

Video by Anonymous
September 22, 2010

Epic South Campus Fight

Starring: Evan Fonseca Mike Smiroldo Kyle Kuchta Heres another action scene test movie, it somewhat continues after the last one. MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
September 21, 2010

Awesome Rainbow Over South Campus

Photo Credit: Alyssa Kaiser. For more cool pictures, check out https://allyssakaiser-photography.tumblr.com/ MORE »

Video by Anonymous
August 30, 2010

Corniest South Campus PSA Ever

This is probably the corniest video I have ever seen. But, I can’t stop watching it!! hah MORE »

Article by Piliour
August 26, 2010

Guide to South Campus: Decorating

Living on South Campus isn’t all roses and violets. The outside looks like a bomb shelter (because, you know, so many terrorists target Syracuse, NY) and the inside is a combination of an insane asylum and a dentist’s waiting room. Needless to say, you can’t change the outside, even if you do go to the... MORE »