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Article by Rud
November 29, 2010

All Students Drop Out Over Thanksgiving Break

“What the hell is going on?” Professor Tim Studdard whispered to himself as he walked into his Sophomore Biology section early this morning. This was a Monday just like every Monday before, except something was not quite right; No students were present in Studdards’ 300 seat Bio lecture. Professors all over Syracuse University were facing... MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
November 27, 2010

Extended Family’s Terrible Jokes Drive Teenager to State of Madness Over Thanksgiving Dinner

Freshman Sean Clark recently checked into a mental institution this November break, presumably driven to an irreversible state of insanity in response to his extended family’s fruitless attempts at humor throughout their Thanksgiving dinner party at Aunt Tilly’s. Sean’s seemingly impossible family tree includes obscene amounts of aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and significant others. The... MORE »

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November 25, 2010
Article by Anonymous
November 24, 2010

Links From Around The Interwebz

The ladies over at CollegeCandy have some great Turkey Day treats for ya. Check out the links below. Have a great thanksgiving everyone! Remember: Eat up, drink, pass out, eat up, drink, pass out,… dessert, repeat.  10 Things NOT to Bring Up At Thanksgiving Dinner Signs You Need To Get Out More Your Ultimate Theme Party... MORE »