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Article by Alex Rosenthal
November 25, 2011

Campus Basement Presents: What We’re Thankful For

The staff here at Campus Basement had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. But we aren’t the typical bunch to go on and on about boring, trite cliches like “family” and “health.” Here’s the juicy stuff our writers are really thankful for: Lia Woodward I am thankful that I did not die after... MORE »

Picture by Grill
November 10, 2011
Video by Anonymous
October 24, 2011

The Newhouse Challenge Video (A Syracuse Halloween)

The Syracuse Basement gang heads out to accomplish the Newhouse Challenge on Halloween. Find out if they actually make it! MORE »

December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! Staff Resolutions!

Alex Rosenthal: My New Year’s resolution is to continue to not eat babies. And getting a job would be nice too. Alex Piliouras: My New Year’s resolution is to devote 2011 to coming up with a New Year’s resolution for 2012. Which won’t be necessary unless John Cusack can save the world from destruction… APost:... MORE »

Video by Syracuse Staff
October 18, 2010

Second CuseMyCampus Staff Meeting

The staff tricks Brian into thinking he is their intern. Video edited/produced by: Mike Escalante MORE »

Video by Syracuse Staff
September 21, 2010

Our First Staff Meeting

Last Thursday we had our first staff meeting. Alex and Brian had a bit of trouble remembering everyones names. Video by Aaron Freeder of Ill Productions MORE »