Attention all underachievers (SU students):

Today is the pass/fail deadline. Anyone who’s taking
electives outside their major should take advantage of this golden opportunity
to be a lazy prick without it having any effect on your GPA. Taking a class
pass/fail is kind of like love; it means never having to say you’re sorry. It
also means you only show up to class on the rare occasions when your roommates
aren’t home to convince you to do better things like play Mario Kart or order a


I took Modern Spanish Art pass/fail last year, and I managed
to pass without knowing the difference between a famous work of Picasso and a
four-year-old’s used coloring book. Well, not quite that extreme, but either
way, pass/fail makes it COOL to get a D. Also, there is the option of “auditing”
a class, which means sitting in on it without getting any grade or credit at
all. The only reason you would do this would be in the event that you have an
enormous hunger for knowledge. Insert fat joke here. I’m tired and want to play
Mario Kart. Bye.

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