Sometimes we get some funny/weird submissions for people adding their campus. We ask a few questions to see where people are at; here are the responses. 

Name: **********

Join Staff: sure dude. i could set this shit up for you here…,

Position: upside down.  from a tree.  on the moon.  3000 years into the future.  while tripping face on lsd.  while video taping the whole thing  then syncing that video to dark side of the moon. 

Color: the color of revenge, and eiffel 65 (blue) 

College: University at Buffalo


Name: ********

Join Staff: Yup

Position: Writer/Video Editor 

Color: Green, but I don’t really feel comfortable telling you that. 

College: University of Southern California


Name: ************

Join Staff: fuck no, 

Position: reverse covgirl 

Color: light urple 

College: UNH


Name: *************

Join Staff: Uhh I hate writing but Pace needs one of these

Position: I can be lazy and submit links/pics and someone else can write about them

Color: Black

College: Pace University


Name: *********

Join Staff: Maybe. Kinda depends on what I have to do

Position: The answer was reverse cowgirl. But I’d prefer to help with the launch and serve as an admin for the Stanford page

Color: Cardinal

College: Stanford


Name: **********

Join Staff: Yes!

Position: Thats what she said. 

Color: No! 

College: The College of Wooster


Name: **********

Join Staff: suck my balls

Position: I like to get behind her and mount her like a horse. Then, i make a big scream like “neeeeeeiiiiiggghhh!!!” and she cries out “Go johnny! Go!!!!”

Color: swedish yellow. 

College: College of Southern Maryland


Name: dpekhofx

Join Staff:

Position: PjlCafONBEXR

Color: USA 


i think that last one miiiight just be a spam bot.