Over the weekend, the Rural Metro to call in a 10-8. In layman’s terms, this means, “Oh, shit, we fucked up!”

A student, returning from a night of drinking, stepped off the curb on Comstock when an ambulance came flying by, nailing the student with the side mirror. Students who witnessed the events deemed them “highly ironic.”

More troubling is the fact that, according to the Daily Orange, no tickets were issued regarding this issue. Let me just reiterate that, because it warrants repeating. If you walk down Euclid with an open beer, you get a ticket. If you’re hammered drunk and an ambulance HITS YOU, no one gets any trouble. DPS will essentially show up, say, “Walk it off, son,” and send you on your way.

Perhaps it was a slow night for Rural Metro, so they decided to create their own injuries that they could later treat. Or maybe they’re just really, really bad drivers.

In the ultimate display of irony, a drunk driver later picked up the student who was hit and nursed him back to health.

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