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Article by Jared Martin
December 6, 2011

The New BFF: Butler’s Fourth Floor

There are some things one should expect upon entering Butler Library: books, overpriced brownies, the occasional lesbian librarian, stack elevators covered in green tea and semen. But there is one thing that one would not expect, yet lives and breeds in the library’s halls like Lindsay Lohan’s herpes: the BOdorous stench of the fourth floor.... MORE »

Picture by apost
September 24, 2010

Youngest Drum Major in Cornell Marching Band History

Insufficient funds for the Marching Band has led Cornell to outsource their members and instruments from their most loyal supporter in Asia MORE »

Article by Ice Queen
February 17, 2010


Dear Person Who Cheated Off Of Me Today, First off, you shouldn’t assume that I’m a reliable source for answers (or that I’ll be passive about you using me) just because I’m Asian. Yeah, that’s right. I saw you eye me down right before you carefully chose your seat and moved EXTREMELY close to me... MORE »