We got a bunch of suggestions over the past few days, and thought we’d highlight a few. Here they are, your opinions at their best.

Suggestion: Off campus housing lists pleaseee! you guys are like college humor, I love it
Well thank you, we are currently working with some landlords to get housing on here.
Suggestion: Write cusemycampus.com on oranges and then pass them out… Or flyers work too. 
Clever! We definitely need to do some promoting. If you write CuseMyCampus on a chalkboard, you get 5 points!

Suggestion: Yeah, I miss the JuiceBox
K, we’ll add that in some more meaningful way soon.

We do too! We’re excited for partnering up with sucha cool site!

Suggestion: where the hell did Hams go?
Haha.. Tell Zack to get off his ass and write for us!

Suggestion: This is not craislist. No to off campus house listings. 
You were greatly outnumbered… by 2:1. Ha, but we’ll test it out and see how it goes.

Suggestion: Make a mobile app
Done and done.

Suggestion: review the campus realtors and call out the ones who mess with students like (removed)”¦they are scam artists
We do pride ourselves on being a student voice website. However, that might get ugly (liability for suing). 

Suggestion: something with the social network!!
We’re running a contest soon to win free tickets and tees!

Suggestion: i miss the juicebox on top. and i think brian is ugly.
Why thank you. I am actually a model… for Price Chopper.

Suggestion: you should really put up the off-campus house listings!
We will! We have designed a website WAY better than our competition, but the landlords are stuck in the past right now.

Suggestion: Yes I like rubber duckies. We should get a bunch and throw them into the school pond…wait what do you mean SU doesn’t have a pond???? We need a pond ASAP – I guess that’s what my suggestion would 
Yeah… are you high?