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Article by joscope
February 7, 2012

Bedroom Decoration Ban

Living on campus at Ramapo College has its ups and downs, but one of the many ups that is strictly enforced by Residential Life is the asylum-type atmosphere of bedrooms. Ramapo strictly enforces its mental hospital-like bedrooms by refusing students to hang up decorations of any sort, claiming “Our white pasty walls give students a... MORE »

Article by eeeeeeeee2
September 30, 2010

SU’s new poster series

SU has launched a new poster series to be featured around school. The following poster, hanging in the 2nd floor of Carnegie Hall, reads the astounding notion of “Women Doing Mathematics.” Similar ground-breaking statements and revelations will be published in a variety of poster locales across campus. Look for a poignant and powerful poster coming... MORE »

Article by Kevin Slack
August 26, 2010

Guide to Dorm Life: Posters Part II

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for–the exciting conclusion to our Top Ten Most Annoying and Over-Used Dorm Posters ever. We pick up where we left off with a perennial favorite: 5. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s While James Dean from Part I of our series is more of a unisex poster…Holly Golightly... MORE »

Article by Kevin Slack
August 25, 2010

Guide to Dorm Life: Posters

So you’ve finally arrived at college, and everything is unpacked, your parents are out the door, and you’re free. Time to spread those little wings and bloom into a beautiful independent-contributing-to-society-citizen-butterfly. Feels good, right?     That’s because you’re drunk already. Welcome to the good life.     There’s just one problem: your jail cell eggshell white... MORE »