While other colleges and universities don’t get to enjoy the spice of life that is registering for classes Ramapo-style, students here are treated to Web for Students, a service provided by the mysterious Luminis.

It’s simple. You go onto the site, pick out which courses you’d like to register for, click submit, and wait for the internet to crash, an unjustifiable hold on your account, or for the server to be busy.

It’s not all bad, though. After you don’t get into the courses you need to graduate, and the professor of that course doesn’t respond to your email asking if they can get you in, at least you have an additional semester of wild college life left. Until you realize you go to Ramapo. Fuck.

And that’s why Ramapo administrators have created a new option for those who cannot handle yet another session of extreme stress and frustration due to the registration process…

The Euthanasia Registration option! Yay!

A much easy registration process inspired by Dr. Jack Kevorkian, aka Dr. Death, students can stop by the Spiritual Center and-