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Ramapo Basement Writer makes it out the Hood

Article by Kygrm22 April 11, 2012

Jake Strasser’s journey from mediocrity to stardom is a story of great triumph. It all began when Strasser, as he is now referred to, was using the site Stumble Upon to kill time in what was a regular uneventful day at Ramapo College. After hours of mindless web surfing, Jake landed on Campus Basement’s homepage... MORE »

Article by Rud
February 19, 2012

Newhouse Kids Incessantly Asking Cusack and Roberts to Be in Their Movie

With the news of Emma Roberts and John Cusack filming at Syracuse University buzzing around campus, many students were interested in much more than just spotting the two stars. Allegedly, Newhouse student after Newhouse student have approached the two “Adult World” stars hoping to cast one of them as the star for their TRF class... MORE »

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Article by delaney
November 8, 2012

You Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til it’s Gone: the North Side

Moving to the Village can sound great in theory. But after a while, you really start to notice that even though you are now an upperclassmen, you’ve just been seriously downgraded. Here are the top five things you can look forward to missing once you move off the Forty. No brunch. Well, at least not... MORE »

Article by Alfred
September 28, 2012

Bring Replacement Refs to the Carrier Dome

The Syracuse Orange football team currently have one win and three losses on their 2012-2013 season record. It seems no matter what we do, we can’t seem to win (except play shitty schools.) Our coaches don’t help, our players don’t help (please don’t beat me up), so we’ve gotta do what every frustrated sports fan... MORE »

Article by Piliour
October 4, 2011

Report: 93% of Guys Who Refuse to Chug are Huge [Cats]

A recent investigation has confirmed what we all feared: when you choose not to chug, almost 100% of the time you automatically become labeled a “huge pussy” whom your friends will endlessly mock behind your back. The most recent instance of this occurred last Friday night at an apartment in College Park, MD, where sophomore... MORE »

Article by Piliour
September 30, 2010

Student Sentenced to 35-Life for Jaywalking

Over the past year, CUPD received numerous complaints about students jaywalking. Many students, for whatever reason (texting) decided to disobey pedestrian traffic laws, causing various close calls wherein motorists came within inches of running over a Cornell student.   Recently, CUPD has decided to do something about it.   On Thursday, September 16th at 3:23... MORE »

Article by Becca Grumet
February 23, 2012

Cool Story Bro: The Laundry Room

This article is part of a new series in which Becca over-dramatically recalls “cool story bro” moments from her time at USC.  “WTF,” said a girl down the hall. Her voice sounded like evil grossness. The door to my New-North cubby-hole-of-a-dorm-room was wide open and the high-pitched voice kept at it. “Ewww someone took my... MORE »

Picture by phoosc25
February 15, 2010

The Dome 2006

The year Gerry made the season great MORE »