Week in Review: Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s News

Article by Lia Woodward March 26, 2012

Your second best source for this week’s Daily Trojan headlines. New president aims to strengthen community By community, she meant the tv show. Pew study found 36 % of young adults heard about Kony 2012 through the internet The remaining 64% only saw about it through the internet. Suspect entered classroom while class was in... MORE »

Video by Anonymous
February 23, 2010

Final Countdown

Hard to imagine this was already three years ago MORE »

Article by dang
September 7, 2011

Skorton Declares War On Friendship””Ends Pledging

In an effort to set a national  precedent, Cornell University President David Skorton has vowed to put an end to fraternity pledging. In his Op Ed article published by the NY Times, Skorton outlined his plan to end hazing and replace the pledging period with a more positive initiation term.  Cornell has been the site of... MORE »

Article by amcguire
January 23, 2012

Top 5 Sports That Would Put Miami Athletics Back on the Map

An appeal to the Miami athletics department: As another bowl season comes to a close, I think it’s time we reflect on our goals for UM athletics. Frankly, our football team is the only thing anyone really cares about and it’s in bad shape. We’ve got NCAA sanctions on the way and besides, the SEC is going to win every... MORE »

Article by BradBabendir
December 27, 2011

10 Things to Do Over Winter Break (Mizzou)

This article is part of our “Let’s Keep This Website Awesome Over Winter Break” Tournament series. Check out the opposing article here and be sure to ‘like’ your favorite! Congratulations. You’ve passed go, collected your GPA and proceeded to your former stomping grounds known as your “hometown”. But because you won’t have any “studying” to... MORE »

Article by Piliour
January 28, 2012

Linguistics Major Devotes Final to Decrypting Various Pearl Jam Songs

Thomas Rowland, a junior Linguistics major, had an open-ended final exam last semester. The professor for his linguistics class, LIN 220, challenged the class to “hand in a paper discussing the evolution of linguistics throughout history.” Without even a second thought Rowland knew what the subject of his paper would be. “I thought about [Professor]... MORE »

Article by Lia Woodward
November 6, 2011

Week in Review: The proof is in the News

Your second-best source for the past week’s Daily Trojan headlines. Cell phone security a concern as personal info storage increases My phone and I get along pretty well when we’re together, but when I’m not around and my cell gets a little tipsy, well I’m not sure how much I can trust it.  USC reports... MORE »