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Article by LukeStarnes
April 24, 2012

Peace Corps in no way associated with Meta World Peace

After Lakers forward Meta World Peace was ejected from Sunday’s game against Oklahoma City for elbowing James Harden in the face, the United States Peace Corps released a statement assuring people that the two groups were in no way associated despite name confusion. The incident occurred after Peace was trying to pump up the crowd... MORE »

Article by Keith Frat
March 22, 2012

Future NBA Lottery Pick Dominates Lady Gators in Tourney

Last night the Gator women’s basketball season came to an end after a very solid season. They lost to the Baylor Bears, the number one overall seed and home to the best player in the nation, Britteny Griner. The 6’ 13” beast in the middle was too much for the gators to handle. She finished... MORE »

Slideshow by LOOklooK
March 21, 2012

Taking Back March for the Men

Over the past couple of days, the women’s basketball tournament has been getting a lot of media attention. I don’t have anything against women’s basketball, but if they really wanted me to watch, they wouldn’t force all the girls to wear sports bras while they played. Come on, if you can’t dunk, you have to... MORE »

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Article by LukeStarnes
February 20, 2012

Donald Trump demands to see Jeremy Lin’s birth certificate

New York Knicks standout Jeremy Lin has taken the National Basketball Association by storm, with the Knicks winning 7 of the 8 games the young point guard has started in. Lin has created a buzz worldwide, as people continue to praise the Harvard graduate. Sources suggest that an Asian American hasn’t made this much noise... MORE »

Article by Piliour
December 9, 2010

Star Athlete May Stay in School, May Sign Multi-Billion Dollar Contract

DeShaun Jones won the Naismith Trophy for Best Basketball Player of All-Time, averaged 92 PPG, 31 APG and 19 RPG, and was just offered a contract with the New York Knicks for $9 billion. Yet he’s just not sure if he wants to take the money, or spend another year dominating opponents only to have... MORE »