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Article by Daniel T
January 20, 2012

Awkward and Awesome: Back to School Edition

Was your Christmas jolly? Did you have eight crazy nights? Was your New Year’s Eve a (drunken) night to forget? Well, no one gives a fuck now that you’re back at school! And here’s 8 awkward things – and 8 awesome things – about being back on the hill. Awkward: Hearing other people’s drunken stories... MORE »

Article by J.D.Basement
January 17, 2012

2 Friends Run Out of Conversation When 3rd Friend Goes to Bathroom

Mahwah, NJ- Awkward silence struck the Village apartments with fury last Thursday when Tom Bishop, friend of Nathan Jones and Brad Owens, excused himself from the living room to use the bathroom. According to Owens, “Dialogue was flowing smoothly. Tom was about to tell us about his night in Hoboken when, all of a sudden,... MORE »

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November 9, 2011

Girl Struggles In Whispers Booth

Who would have thought that WashU Campus Basement’s very own head writer would be guilty of taking up an entire Whispers booth to herself??! After this photograph was taken, the subject began foaming at the mouth, fell to the ground, and crawled her way to the B Stacks. Dark. MORE »

Article by Rud
December 20, 2010

Student Tries to Bribe Professor, Turns Awkward.

Alex Linden left the university in shame Friday morning after a failed attempt to raise his History grade. With the end of the semester approaching he decided to make a visit to his professor to persuade her to give him a good grade. “I got there and I was like, ‘is there anyway I could... MORE »