Some people just don’t understand sports.

Friend: Ok, so what does BCS stand for?

Me: Bowl Championship Series.

Friend: Ok, so then how can there be a BCS Bowl? A Bowl Championship Series Bowl? That’s redundant”¦

Me: No, it’s not redundant, it’s”¦ok, it’s redundant. That’s just what it stands for.

Friend: Whatever. So how does it work?

Me: Well they play the entire season and then, based on their rank and their conference and their overall record they can get placed into a bowl game.

Friend: Who places them into a bowl game?

Me: The BCS decides. But it’s not that clear–

Friend: Does every team make a bowl game?

Me: No.

Friend: That’s unfair.

Me: You can’t have every team playing in a bowl game, that would be absurd!

Friend: Everyone should have a chance! What happens when you win your first bowl game? You move on to the next round or something?

Me: No, that’s it.

Friend: What’s it?

Me: If you win your bowl game, that’s the end. You’re the champion of that bowl, whatever it is.

Friend: I don’t understand. There’s no playoff or anything? Like one bowl champion doesn’t play another bowl champion and so on until there’s one team left?

Me: No, it just ends. You play your bowl and that’s the end of the season. Only the two teams playing in the BCS Championship can be national champs.

Friend: So what’s the point of playing in any bowl game except for the national championship?

Me: For pride!

Friend: I don’t think I’d be very proud of winning some stupid bowl. If I didn’t make the national championship I wouldn’t go around advertising my failure with a trophy from some other bowl.

Me: But that’s the whole point of the season! You play the season in order to get to a bowl game!

Friend: Seems kinda pointless unless you’re in the championship. I’d skip the bowl games and put my team in the playoffs instead.


Friend: That’s dumb. Doesn’t the NFL have playoffs?

Me: Yes, but””

Friend: So why don’t these teams just enter those playoffs?

Me: College teams can’t participate in the NFL playoffs! They’re in college!

Friend: (blank stare)

Me: Fine! You win! We can watch Jersey Shore!